Wordless Wednesday (2/29)

While I may get bashed for posting this… I just had to.  After my daughter got out of the bath I dryed her and lotioned her and told her to go in her room and get her PJ’s.  Once I noticed she was taking a while I walked in and this is what I found her doing.  She exclaimed to me, “Mommy!  Look I made monkey bars!”  I didn’t let her continue to do this…but I did snap a quick picture before I told her not to do this again…



  1. Hahahahaha What a silly girl you have! That is just too cute! Very creative young mind.

  2. OMG I LOVE this picture!!! It is fabulous!

  3. OMG! Too funny!! Looks like fun though!

  4. good move. she is a born gymnast

  5. Jacqueline Allgood says:

    Get that girl in Gymnastics. 🙂

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