Why Do I Blog?

Today I opened up an email from Mom Bloggers Club entitling “Why Do You Blog?”  I read the post and it basically says to ask yourself why you blog, what you want out of blogging, and why you do what you do.  The post Jennifer James wrote reached me and made me ask myself, “Why DO I blog?” 

I thought about it.

I blog beacause I want to give others great tips, I blog becasue I love finding new things, I blog because I want to share my adventures with others.

My philosophy is this:  In life I want to experience as much as possible.  I want to try everything, I want to go everywhere, and do everything.  I live for today and try to enjoy every moment I get. 

So I blog about places I go-GOOD OR BAD.  I blog about my life…good or bad.  I blog about cool products.  I blog about things I think are important, interesting, or helpful.  

But that didn’t really answer the question did it?

I blog specifically because- “wow, if more people knew about this they could really have some FUN!” 

I’m talking about when I go somewhere and I think that.  I think if more people knew about this specific place or product they would LOVE it just as much as I do and they could really have some FUN! 

For example:  My Cirque Du Soliel Review, I  loved that show and I thought, “OMG people HAVE to see this! – it’s awesome!”

I blog because I want to tell everyone about the places I go and give them tips on it!  I blog for the Mommy’s… I blog for the comments!


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