We Took a Trip to the Atlanta Castle @MedievalTimes

Last night my family and I headed out to Discover Mills for an evening of Medieval brawling and a feast fit for a king!

We pulled into the parking lot to see a marvelous over-sized Atlanta Castle!  It had two tall towers on either side and a rustic drawbridge in the center.  The entrance is actually in through the mall.  As soon as we got the the castle entrance wee noticed everyone working there was in a Medieval costume.  I always think the old days are interesting even down the the costumes and the accents.  It’s a completely different way of life.

When we arrived we were given cards with a table number and color.  We were blue table 1.  As you entered through there were peasants handing out crowns to you according to your color.  Whatever color you are sitting at is what team you are on.  Since we were at the blue table we each got blue crowns and we were considered the blue team.

First thing we did was head to the bar to see what type of souvenir cup we would get…and a beverage of course!  They had tall beer glasses with the Medieval Times logo for $14 including the beer, which from experience I think is not too bad for this type of event.  Suddenly the royal courts-man came out above us and told what color teams to enter.  There is a red, black and white, red and yellow, green, and a blue team.  It was so funny, because when each color team was called to take their seats that color team would cheer and the opposing teams would “boo!”

Once we the blue team was called we walked into what looked like an arena with dirt in the center.  We were in the first row and we sat at a long table with a plate, bowl, and cup sitting in front of us.  Then, out walked our wench, she was too cute in her accent and costume!  I had to giggle at her, and all I could think about was what it would be like to work there.  I think it would be a lot of fun, but really take some guts.  Our wench was loud and vibrant, she did a good job at keeping the energy high and had us cheer for our blue night.

The the Royal King and Queen came out on the their balcony.  They were introduced by the royal court-man and so were the knights.  Then there was a parade of knights and they were all on horses.  My daughter was thrilled.  She was SO into the horses, and let me tell you we had a great view!  The first row here is really worth it, it’s the closest first row that I’ve ever been to.

My daughter wasn’t the only one thrilled to get the feast going.  By now my husband had caught onto the cheering for our blue night and “booing” the other teams.  He was hilarious to watch!  Right before the feast began the courts-man had us all hold up our drinks and cheers to peace, etc.  It really felt like I was back in Medieval Times!

Then out came our soup and bread.  Oh did you need a spoon?  NOPE.  No spoon. Out came our huge chunk of chicken, baked potato,  and spare rib.  Yup.  You guessed it!  No fork. No knife.  HAHaha.  I thought it was so funny!  You know I have my three year old siting next me and I’m thinking how am I going to cut this up small enough for her.  I used my hands to pull apart her chicken and she just took bites off of a big chunk!

Dinner was fantastic!  I really loved the food, I ate a ridiculous amount of dinner.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the tomato soup, but my daughter was, she drank it all…out of a bowl!  The garlic bread and chicken was awesome, the portion of course was just crazy over-sized…but hey I guess that’s how it was back then!  The rib and the baked potato, also pretty darn good.  Watching my husband, daughter, and complete strangers eating their food with their hands….PRICELESS.

Our wench was great.  She had to hold massive trays with the food on it, pitchers of water…I did my own years of serving and I just have to say she was impressive.  She held the atmosphere together and was even able to bring us a booster seat and the nutrition facts sheet for my daughter.  I was really happy with the extra steps she took to keep everyone happy.

The show went on as we ate our dinner.  It was all spaced out very evenly.  We watched as a horse came out and did a “jig” …seriously this horse danced.  She danced sideways, backwards, and on two legs!  I even watched it jump in the air off all fours!  It was pretty amazing to see.  I couldn’t believe it!  I didn’t even know that was capable for a horse!

We also saw a falcon come out and fly all the way the arena, and even right about the crowd!  I have to admit I got a little nervous when it first started flying around.  I thought to myself, “with all this food out you’d think it may stop and get a bite to eat!”  But, it didn’t stop.  It came back to it’s master every time.  It was astonishing!

“Let the games begin!”  The royal courts-man announced each game and we watched as our knight kicked butt!  It was so much fun to cheer and watch as they played each sport.  My absolute favorite was the Jousting.  It reminded me of the movie, “A Knights Tale.”  I used to love that movie!  You actually saw the lances splinter apart throwing shards of wood everywhere!  Lances for competition were made to splinter upon impact, reducing the chances of serious injury to opponents during the joust.

If you knight did well during that game he would come over to you and your team and kiss a rose…give a seductive look, and throw it to an audience member!  I thought that part was so cool!  Almost as if you were in a movie and you were his true love!!!  …I didn’t get a rose, but my lucky little daughter actually got a beautiful rose handed to her from our knight himself!

After the games the king would choose two knights to battle each other one on one.  They even used a weapon called a Bola.  It’s crazy, basically you swing a wooden handle and there’s an attached spiked ball by a chain.  When used correctly it would cause a devastating blow to an adversary for sure!  These knights were really fighting a serious battle.  When their swords would clank together they sparked!  I actually thought to myself…is this ok for my three year old to watch?  I looked at her, and she was so into it.  She wasn’t scared, she didn’t start freaking out…she was just enthralled in it!  So yes- this is a show for all ages!

Needless to say- we had an awesome experience at Medieval Times!  Even after we left my husband and I…and my daughter we’re all raving about it.  My daughter keep telling me how the bad green knight didn’t win!  And my husband…he wants to go back and take my father-in-law!  If you’ve never gone…GO.  If you’re kids are studying about Medieval Times in school…take them to this.  This show is for everyone, Feld as always blew me away!

Mommy Explorer rates this show an earned 10 out of 10!




  2. I’ve never been to Medieval Times – looks like your daughter was enjoying it!


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