We Loved Clifford So Much…We Went Back To See It Again! @ImagineItCMA


That’s right ever since we went to the opening of the Clifford exhibit at Imagine It Children’s Museum my daughter has been BEGGING me to go back.  So we did!  I love going there, I’m such a big kid myself that even I have a ton of fun watching her play.  This time I’m going to give you some good hints on how you can get the most out of your visit.

First of all Parking.  There’s a good garage right across the street from Imagine it, you have to walk less than a block down a hill and your there.  Parking is $10 for the day and it’s a pretty secure garage in my opinion.  Park there, go to the museum, and then walk to the park and make a day out of your trip!  Timing is another thing, I think if you get there early usually it’s less busy unless there is a field trip scheduled…but I also think the museum clears out around lunch time so grab a late breakfast!

Once you get there remember to let your child take the reins.  This is their territory-built for them, so let them take the lead and go where they please.

We just love the Clifford exhibit, there’s so much stuff to do…it’s awesome.  You really can’t do everything in one visit, it takes at least a couple visits to try out everything.  This time we spent much more time in the Clifford part and got to experience a few things we didn’t get to last time.  The exhibit is filled with a bunch of small areas with different things to do.  So we found the little kitchen and it was so cool because it’s built like a restaurant kitchen, complete with menus.  I had my daughter pick out something to eat off the menu and then cook it for me in the kitchen!


Kids learn so much through hands on experience.  So she would tell me things like “Mommy this is like your kitchen at home”  and, “we need a pot to cook this.”  She amazed me when she asked, “Do you like ketchup on your burger?”  Things I didn’t even know she knew she started telling me!

Another area we didn’t try last time was the Clifford and Friends dress up box.  It has cute as can be costumes to look like a dog from the show.  We she figured out she could dress like Clifford she went nuts.  I mean I had to peel her out of the suit because she didn’t want to take it off!  She was hilarious (almost embarrassing…almost) when she was on all fours going around barking like the big red dog does.

We also explored the rest of the museum and spent more time on the other things we didn’t try last time.  Like milking the cow!  Have you ever milked a cow?  My guess is no, even myself growing up in the boonies country, farm on every road, have never milked a real cow.  But this pretend cow comes pretty close I imagine, and it doesn’t smell!  So yes, I had to try and milk the cow for myself…no shame.  It was fun!  It kind of made me want to try and milk a real cow, but it really made me think.  As I was telling my daughter this is where milk comes from…I thought to myself, “dang this is wear milk comes from!”  Definitely a great learning tool!

We tried out these little magnetic gears….her and I played for a good 20 minutes on this before I had to peel myself away!  These things are too cool, they are magnetic so you can easily stick them and move them, and then put another one next to it and you’ve made a gear contraption!  They even sell them in the gift shop- which I’m thinking will make a great birthday gift for her!

I love the garden area at Imagine It.  No, it’s not a real garden, but it’s super fun!  We planted vegetable and flowers and then even raked the dirt!

Imagine It is definitely the coolest museum I’ve ever been to.  We have a ball every time we go.  There is literally everything fun that a kid could want to play with…made especially for them.  Take a shopping cart around the mini-market, build anything imaginable in the moon dough, dress up like a princess or a brave knight, learn to tap dance, learn to build.  Imagine It is like the beginning to your kids future, whether it’s an artist, botanist, engineer, or even a fisherman- they can experience it here first and grow their knowledge and skills and most important imagination to grow up and be whatever they desire.

My daughter is getting in plenty of time learning how to be a fisherman.



  1. We have GOT to go back there. Love that place!

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