The Center for Puppetry Arts Presents “The Little Pirate Mermaid!”

The Center for Puppetry Arts is at it again bringing you one of the most awesome shows ever; The Little Pirate Mermaid!  This show was full of laughs and unexpected turns.  It is adapted and directed by Jon Ludwig and play through July 15th!

Ahoy, Mateys! Hoist up the main sail and get ready for Hans Christian Andersen’s tale with a swashbuckling musical twist. What’s in store for the Mermaid Princess turned helpful pirate and her buccaneer beau? Take the plunge and see this exciting marionette adventure featuring a bountiful ocean of puppets, unique characters, original music, stunning stage effects, and bubbly action!

This was actually our first ever trip to The Center for Puppetry Arts, and may I say it was an excellent experience!  I had no clue how this show would go.  I think the only like puppet show I’ve ever been to would have been back in elementary school were you crouch below a cardboard box and have a sock on your hand.  …yea so I had no clue how this would go.

We walked in the the theater, took our seats, and I saw the stage with a smaller cut out like box in the center.  Then the show began and boy I couldn’t believe how creative and just plain awesome this was!  The storyline itself was excellent, almost like the classic Disney movie, but this little mermaid wants to be a pirate, not just a human, but a pirate!  So shes the evil sea witch and becomes a pirate.  The story was really humorous and really kept my interest and attention! 

The voices were so funny, with everything they said they did it with such integrity and belief, that I was just captured 100%.  I’m not going to lie I thought the whole time the voice were recordings, because it was spoken so quick and believable without mistakes I didn’t think it could possibly be a live person!  Turns out it was!

One of the main things I took note to was the use of space on the stage.  There was no wasted space at all, it was so incredibly creative!  The center is where the marionettes were, there was a mermaid, that looked wooden, like it was apart of the stage on the left.  Then when the scenes switched some type of overhead projector would show on the top part of the stage and I thought that was a recording, turns out that was LIVE too!

The scenes colors, backgrounds and designs were brilliant!  The ocean had like rolling waves in the background that looked almost like a giant rolling pin, but it gave it such an awesome realistic look…that was pretty cool!  Oh and the sea witch this was way cool!  You know those giant “air” people you see on the side of the road sometimes, the air goes up through the bottom and out through the top and while doing that gives it a wavy look…well that was the tenticals!  The sea witch was all in neon black light, psychedelic looking, pretty awesome!

During the show I thought about “how are they doing this and that” and it laid in the back of my head.  (I’m one of those, I need to know how it works, take-it-apart-and-figure-it-out people)  Anyways, at the end of the show- to my delight- the people making the show came right out from atop the stage and explained, and showed how they were doing different things!  Ah that was like the best for me, in my head I was thinking, “OH omg…so that’s how they do that!”  The puppet style that was used in this show was Marionette, Rod, Shadow

And I’m pretty sure I was just as amazed as my 3 year old was, if not more.  I cannot wait to go see another one, I literally love puppetry now.

Those puppeteers have serious talent.  Some of those marionette’s have 11 strings, I was thinking how difficult it would be to control elbow knee, mouth, hands, feet, etc. movements!  So hats off to the producers!



  1. Sounds like fun. We have never been to The Center for Puppetry Arts.
    Hans Christian Andersen is my favorite tale writer, so we really should go see this show 🙂

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