The “Built-In Beach Pack N Play”


Have you been thinking about taking your child to the beach and thinking you may want to bring your Pack N Play?  Don’t worry because I have found the best FREE Pack n Play there is!  Ok, I’m joking a little.  On our last trip to the beach we found where we were sitting and there happened to be a little girl next to us who was digging and already had a pretty big hole in the sand.  Well the child and me came out and I decided to dig a hole too.  I dug and I dug and I dug and I dug for about a hour straight.  I ended up with about a 5 foot deep hole in the sand.  Then I plopped my Princess in it and POW I had myself a built in pack n play.  I got to go swimming and play frisbee and have some quality fun kid time with my hubby while my mother in law watched my daughter play in her hole.  There was no worrying that she would run away or get lost because she couldn’t get out the that hole.  Now obviously I didn’t leave her in the hole the entire time, I pulled her out and we played together in it,  just a funny story I thought I’d share.  Eventually that hole turned into a slide and we had a lot of fun with it. 

So next time you decide to play in the sand at the beach think about the unconventional Mommy Explorer and let your inner child play!


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