Tellus Museum Trip Cartersville, GA Review



Recently my hubby, baby explorer, and myself took a little trip to Cartersville, Ga.  We just got our new van and were dying to take it on a road trip so we did.  Although we only drove about an hour away we had a wonderful time!  What is there to do in Cartersville Georgia…see the Tellus Science Museum of course! 

The Tellus Science Museum is a world-class 120,000 square foot museum filled with all things science.  It has a little bit of everything, and a whole lot of minerals!  There’s an enormous mineral gallery, a Fossil Gallery, you can explore science in motion and so much more.  At Tellus it’s all about the kids as well as lots for the parents to enjoy.

Let’s start right from the beginning, we walked straight into the Fossil Gallery, that was what my daughter wanted to see most.  Although the dinosaur was not all real fossils, it was still way cool!  There were a lot of dinosaurs like this one set up in the gallery and it just amazing to see the actual size.  I couldn’t even begin to imagine running into one of those.  It really makes you think about life and how far things have come.

The Fossil Gallery Enterence

 Next we stepped into the Weinman Mineral Gallery and let me tell you that was way cool!  This gallery was huge and really put together well, showing each group separately with different interactive set ups.

These minerals look like regular rock in daylight, but under the UV light they became neon! Way Cool!

Here’s a really neat set up showing the different minerals that are used within the home.
This is my daughter pleading with me to keep the pretty amethyst.
This is petrified wood! It’s gorgeous…I want it!

Moving right along, next it was on to the “Science in Motion Gallery.”  This was the part of the museum that I literally had to drag my husband out of.  He was determined to read everything.  There were some really neat things to see including, elcectric, steam, and gasoline powered cars as well as some Astronaut gear and even a real life space capsule! 

The train was my daughter’s favorite by far!

Last but certainly not least, we moved into the more interactive part of the museum, the Fossil Dig and Gem Panning!  I know right how cool is that, I was even more thrilled to find out that you get to take home a few gems and fossils as souvenirs and it’s all included in the ticket price!  The gem panning was really fun my daughter didn’t really get it, but it was a race for gems between my husband and I.  The gems were very very tiny, but they give you a little bag so you are sure not to loose them!  The fossil dig was awesome, I’ve never seen a more interactive or realistic was to teach fossils like that to children.  There is literally a big “dirt box” filled with tiny pieces of rubber; symbolizing dirt.  The kiddies can grab a few brushes and go to town to see what they can find. 

“Look Mommy! I digging dinosaur bones!”
This is the fossil we found!

Right before you leave you have got to let the kids experience the Collins Family My Big Backyard Gallery.  This huge play area is filled with fun touchable interactive things that teach science in a easy interesting way.  It’s a really neat set up and the kids just love it!   There is so much to explore in there and yes even you parents will find yourselves trying out the props figuring out what will happen when you experiment! 

In side “My Big Backyard Gallery” seeing which ball is faster.

We had a wonderful time at the Tellus Science Museum, my daughter is 2 and she’s a tad young to fully experience everything, but she still had a great time.  This is definitely a great Atlanta day trip for locals.  Tellus has so much to offer, there is even a solar house, planetarium and outside there are some monster dump trucks!  My princess looks like a pebble compared to this one!



  1. We have season passes to Tellus. My kids love panning and digging for fossils.

  2. Oh wow! I’d love to take my little ones there when they get a little older! That last picture is awesome! She looks so tiny!

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