Target Family Thursdays at The Woodruff Arts Center!

Last Thursday my daughter and myself headed out to the Woodruff Arts Center for Target Family Thursdays.   We had a wonderful time and enjoyed all sorts of free activities from the Woodruff Arts Center’s four divisions; the Alliance Theatre,  Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, High Museum, and Young Audiences.  There’s only one Thursday left!  This Thursday the 22nd from 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. bring the entire family to enjoy theatre performances, storytelling, arts and crafts, workshops, and more! 

This is the fourth year that Target has made it possible for families to gain access to the educational and cultural  experiece of  one of Atlanta’s artistic gems for absolutely free!  Experience an Acting Workshop, Family Friendly Films, LIVE performances and so much more!

We got to experience a few different things, but the “A Child’s Garden of Verses” was definitely our favorite. 

A Child’s Garden of Verses– This is an extremely interactive performance for small children and their parents.

We walked into the Black Box Theatre to see a bleacher type set filled with pillows.  The actors handed my daughter a satchel and a word and some seeds.  Then we walked over to the wagon and planted our word.  We each were excited to grab a pillow and take a seat.  Then the show began, all the toddlers and children were stuck in a trance watching the silly actors pretend to sleep on the ground. 

Planting our words/seeds.

 The show was filled with music, one actor even played the mandolin during the show.  The actors sang in rhyme together and the children loved it!  All along they were trying to get the flowers to grow, but they used the words in rhymes and kept checking to see if they had grown.

nope...they didn't grow yet.

The entire performance was geared to interaction with the children.  The actors told the children to throw the fall leaves around…and then clean them up, put them back in the basket.  I was definitely surprised that all the children behaved properly and listened to them.  My daughter didn’t quite want to get off the stage and sit back down when told, but she figured it out eventually. 

Throwing around the leaves!


I was also surprised how comfortable my daughter was.  During the show I was sitting relaxing and my daughter was running around enthralled in the performance.  This is by far the most interactive show we’ve ever been too, they handed out bird eggs for the children to play with and then collected them with no problem at all. 

Bird eggs!

 At the end the same wagon came out and was filled with flowers that each child got to have their own flower.  It was a great show, I would definitely go see another one, my daughter and I had a wonderful time…and it was all FREE!  Be sure to check out Target Family Thursdays **This Thursday is the last day** and the Woodruff Arts Center was fabulous!



  1. I am so glad you were able to make it to the event! Your daughter is adorable. She was so cute and inquisitive during the acting workshop. She’s going to be very outgoing!

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