ShamRock the Station @AtlanticStation Midtown’s New Annual St. Patrick’s Day Event!

Saturday afternoon my daughter and I headed down to Atlantic Station for the first ever ShamRock the Station.  Meehan’s Public House and Atlantic Station teamed up for this fabulous event that was a definite success and there will surely be many more to come.

When we arrived the center of the station was blocked off for ticket holders.  As we entered there was a few stands set up, we each got a shamrock tattoo and some green beads necklace. Then I just had to let my daughter get her face painted.  The line was short so we waited for a few minutes and then my little princess got a pretty little rainbow on her cheek!

After that we moved onto the center of the station where there was a band set up on stage, alcohol stands all around, and a fun bean bag toss in the center for the little ones!

There was quite a bit for the kiddies to do, we played with bubble, got her face painted, she got a balloon sword, played bean bag toss, and even rock and rolled!

The bean bag toss was so fun for her, she met some other tots her age and had a blast trying to make her bag in the center.  It was so relaxing for me to sit down the the bench drinking my cold beer, listening to good tunes, and watching my daughter play and be merry outside on a beautiful day.

Later on we saw the kids from Rock-U, the Music Matters teen bands, they were awesome!  It’s always inspiring to see a young person performing live, they’re working on their dreams!  I heard some favorite cover songs from bands like, “The Killers, Incubus, and Red Hot Chili Peppers!  I totally jammed out to these young musicians- Hat’s off to them!

Once lunch rolled around her and I grabbed lunch from Meehan’s Public House.  I loved the way they had this set up, it was in an alley resembling something you’d find straight out of Ireland!  I ate a pulled pork sandwich which was fabulous!  There were even servers grabing you a drink in you needed one.

After lunch we took a walk around the Station’s shopping and then headed back to Shamrock to find the crowd had tripled!  The party was just getting started!  We decided to sit on the turf and chill out for a while longer.   I was great how content my little one was while we were there, she danced, played and let mommy have a good time too!

We didn’t get to stay to see Better Than Ezra- although I would have loved to, I was exhausted as was my daughter.  ShamRock the Station settled down around 10pm after the fireworks!  This was definitely the funnest St. Patty’s Day event I’ve been to yet and we’ll be there next year!!

This photo was taken after we left at the end of the festivities there was a packed crowd and fireworks!



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