Save Cash on Your Phone and Cable Bill


How long have you been with your cable or phone company?  Even if it’s only been a couple of months- isn’t it time for you to save some money?  I’ve done this several times with different companies, and I’ve told people about my experiences and most can’t believe that they companies will pay to keep you as their customer.  I finally decided- more people should do this and save money, I’ll write about it.   Here’s my most recent experience with my own cable bill.

As much as I don’t like Charter…that is my provider.  The only other option for my area is Direct TV.  I knew, however, that I didn’t want to switch over, for the hassle, for the extra deposit, etc… I just didn’t want to switch over.  But, I did want a lower bill.  Before I called Charter to hash it out with them I called Direct TV to find out what I would be paying for the same cable services I have now.  Direct TV was going to charge me about $10 less as well as give me HBO/SHOWTIME free for 3 months.

Next step is calling Charter.  The first person you talk with will just be a customer service rep.  Basically those reps can’t do much- if anything to help you.  So right away, before you waste your time, just tell them you want to cancel your account.

**YES.  I know some phone/cable companies will lock you into a contract and charge you a ridiculous amount of money should you “break” their contract.**

Tell them you want to cancel anyways.  They will make you confirm your cancel several times before they actually do it.  (don’t actually cancel unless you’re ready to switch and you are ok with the “fees” of cancelling)

Now- now you have the cancellation department on the line.  The first thing they will usually ask is, “would you mind telling me why you want to cancel your services?”

Humor them.

Tell them that Direct TV is going on charging you $10 cheaper plus the movie channels free-  Even if it’s a little white lie and you they weren’t actually going to charge you cheaper or give you the movie channels free—just tell them that.

In short- tell them the competitor is cheaper, and you’ve had this and that problem and you just want to cancel. Even go on to say you’ve been a loyal customer for however long and you feel that you really need to save some money or be rewarded for being such a great customer.

They will say, “well we really want to keep your business…we’re willing to ____” and that’s when they will offer you something.

Don’t accept right away.  Understand that these reps are trained to offer you the very least and THERE IS a certain amount that they ARE capable of doing.  Before accepting- tell them there offer just isn’t good enough…and bargain with them.

So before on my cable bill I was paying $55 plus showtime was $15 = 70

And after my phone conversation:  $45 for same channels plus now I get HBO/SHOtime/Cinamax for $10= $55 plus two new movie channels.  So I just saved myself $180/ year.

So just for calling in I’ll be saving $15 on my bill every month.  More times than less the cancellation rep with offer you something…

Repeat this process every 6 months to a year.

It’s all about having a valid argument and speaking to the right person.  Remember the best arguments are:

  • The competition is cheaper
  • You’ve had problems with your services (documented problems) in the past
  • You are a loyal customer for ____ months/years
  • You always make payments on time
  • There is a great offer for only “new” customers and you’ve been such a great customers and those “new” customers haven’t showed any loyalty, You want rewarded for your loyalty…dammit!

Like I said at the beginning I’ve done this many times, with different services, on my moms bills, the neighbors, etc.  It all depends on the situation, but bottom line is:  You are the paying customer…and most companies will do a lot to keep you.

**This same tactic as outlined above can be used towards cell phone companies…should your phone break and you didn’t have insurance, but you thought you did, they WILL send you a new phone free of charge, etc. **




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