Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baily Electrifies Atlanta (Review)


The Greatest Show on Earth is back for it’s most electrifying show ever!  Thursday night my daughter, the kiddies I nanny, and myself had the delight of attending Ringling Bros. and Barnum & BailyCircus.  We also came early for the All Access Pre-Show.  We had such an awesome time- the show was so interactive and kept you on the edge of your seat the entire time!  Fully Charged is a must see for adults and kids!

This extraordinary production from Feld Entertainment features performances from Tabayara- the amazing animal trainer, Brian Miser- the human fuse, the Fernandez Brothers- a team that defies gravity on the twin turbines of steel, the Fusco Brothers- twins juggling masters, Brazilian dancers, acrobats, and so many more.  Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baily team consist of a total 340 members from 17 different countries and 56 animals touring the country. 

Well I’ll start right from the beginning- We arrived at the Phillips early to see a special sneak peak as well as to attend the All Access Pre-Show.  During our sneak peak we got to meet one of the star’s from the show- Bullseye the horse.   He was so sweet- his hair was styled white and black stripes.  The hair actually grows that way and it’s groomed cut shortly giving it a spiky, electric look! 

After we met Bullseye the All Access Pre-Show began.  The All Access Pre-Show is just what it sounds- your circus experience is extended one hour before the show.  This pre-show is like no other.  It’s interactive, it’s fun, and it’s most of all entertaining.  The Pre-Show is held on the arena floor itself, so it’s already neat just to stand on the floor where they will preform.  You meet the stars, get autographs, pictures, and more.  You can literally turn around and see acrobats climbing up a pole. 

The Pre-Show is awesome- it’s TOTALLY worth it to go and it’s FREE!  While we were at the pre-show we got to try on actual show costumes!  That was really neat because I’m always the one that is just in awe with the costumes.  I love love love- the costumes.  The ones we tried on were colorful, very heavy, and filled with bling.  This show includes over 550 costumes with more than 100 hats, and nearly 1,000 shoes!  And I thought my closet was full!!  As for the bling- there are more than 3,140,000 rhinestones and sequins on the line of costumes!


We each held our hands out for temporary tattoos- that will last a couple days so all your school friends will know you went to see The Greatest Show On Earth!

We met clowns, acrobats, and performers.  We received a clown nose, and I entered to win Elephant artwork.  There was certainly something for everyone’s taste and we truly had a fun time at the Pre-Show…and that was only the beginning!

Once we took our seats the show began…  Ladies and Gentleman…Children of All Ages..  The famous opening words were spoke and we sat in our seats excited as could be!  The hilarious clown duo Stas and Vas leaded the electrical performance using a high voltage enormous power cord.  Although they had a little “trouble” getting it plugged in once they did arena lit up and the crowd roared with excitement!

There was so many cool points to the show that I simply cannot highlight them all here- but I will tell you a few of my favorites;

The Brothers of Brawn, two super strength brothers show you a bewildering performance of power.  Electric poles (yes, like the ones that hold electric lines) were dragged out by elephants and left on the ground for the brothers to lift.  I thought the electric poles were extremely fitting considering the show is Fully Charged, and electrical theme.  It was a amazing, they lifted two poles and then on top of that they had girls jump on the ends of each pole and sit on them like swings!  

Next we saw three circle area’s set up on the floor when suddenly, “Look!  There’s Bullseye!”  Horses filled each circle and began trotting in different patterns.  With the flick of a switch they’d change patterns, at one point they were running at each other head on!  That was really neat to see, they were trained so well and we also watched one horse walk on two legs!

My absolute favorite part of the show was the Fernandez Brothers.  They were incredible.  These guys were fearless- although I could have sworn I saw them saying a quick prayer before they began (which had me a bit worried.)  The arena was set up with twin turbines of “terror,” they hung from the ceiling.  The turbine is a huge circle that each held one brother- think exercise spinner you find in a mouse cage.  I literally watched them run, leap, jump, and even jump rope inside and on top of these turbines.  I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, they had me grabbing my face with my hand and gasping.  This is the moment you realize- “there is really an actual person in there jumping in the air.  No ropes, no cables to keep him from falling- you could feel the crazy high energy in the arena while they performed.  While I watched in awe I just thought about how these brothers were feeling- having so many people watching- how could you not be nervous.  That was the coolest thing to see live!


 Oh and then there was Tabayara Maluenda, or Taba for short.  Taga displays Bengal tigers- tamed and sweet as can be.  The stage is set up so the tigers must walk through this “cave” or walkway to get into a cage.  Once they’re in the charismatic Taba leads them to each sit on their own seat and raise their paws.  That’s not all- you’ll see them jump over Taba and even give him a kiss! 


 Immediately when my daughter saw the tigers she said, “Mommy can we go pet them- Pleeese.”  I’m not going to lie I wanted to pet them myself after watching them kiss Taba!  They all seem so sweet and gentle but these guys still eat more than 100 pounds of meat per day- Each! 

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baily’s Fully Charged was truly awesome! Each year Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Baily brings a different show- no two are alike. Producers Nicole and Alana Feld did an amazing job putting Fully Charged together.  What a perfect theme to fit in today’s society.  A world where the words “Fully Charged” pertain to your laptop, cell phone, and gaming device.  The Circus is a great escape from the digitally enhanced and computer-generated graphics- what you see is what you get- real life people, in real life stunts and high energy action!

DON’T miss this one.  We had such a great time at the Circus- my daughter’s been asking me everyday when we’ll visit the Circus again!!!  A huge thank-you goes out to Feld Entertainment for inviting us!   Fully Charged is electrifying and heart pounding! 

See The Greatest Show On Earth:  Coming to the Gwinnett Center Thursday February 23rd- Sunday February 26th / Purchase tickets here



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