No, You are NOT a piggy bank!

First let me say I feel like an awful parent for this, but I’m hoping this will let me vent and maybe help some other parents. My daughter has two piggy banks.  I (stupidly) let her put coins in to collect for when we go to yard sales.  She’s been adding coins to her piggy […]

ZeroWater Review and Giveaway

ZeroWater is a filtration system like no other.  Using five sophisticated technologies that all work together, this water pitcher will remove dissolved solids from your tap water.  Truly one of a kind, this filtration system also includes a meter that will tell you exactly what the TDS measurement is in what you are about to […]

EatSmart Nutrition Pro Scale For My Daughter’s Type 1 Diabetes Review and Giveaway

EatSmart has truly been a lifesaver in our house.  After my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes I went a little crazy.  I wanted to make sure I knew exactly how many carbs she was eating so I knew how much insulin to give her.  Well that means measuring everything…ok I can measure.  But […]

Namaste’s Urban Hip Holster Review and Giveway

Namaste – Nah-mah-stay – is a Sanskirt word commonly used as a greeting in India.  In literal translation is means “I bow to you.”  Namaste was founded in 2004 and is now a family owned business working out of LA.  They offer a huge variety of handbags and accessories that are functional as well as […]

Wordless Wednesday (4/18)

Yes the stroller is truly good for everything…even carrying a cooler…and beach chairs…and sand toys, towels, shoes…and a change of clothes.  

We Took a Trip to the Atlanta Castle @MedievalTimes

Last night my family and I headed out to Discover Mills for an evening of Medieval brawling and a feast fit for a king! We pulled into the parking lot to see a marvelous over-sized Atlanta Castle!  It had two tall towers on either side and a rustic drawbridge in the center.  The entrance is […]

Celebrate Warm Weather At Stone Mountain’s Launch of The Geyser Tower!

  We’ve already been feeling the summer heat and what a better way to get out and enjoy it than going to Georgia’s most visited attraction, Stone Mountain Park.  Next weekend, March 31st Stone Mountain will be launching their newest adventure, The Geyser Tower!  So grab your towels and head out to Stone Mountain Park […]

Explore ATL: Centennial Park

  I’ve really only been living in Atlanta for under 3 years, so I haven’t done it all.  Until last week I had never been to Centennial Park.  I had heard about the fountains, but I’d never actually gone…until last week.  After our day at Imagine It I thought we’d walk over to check out […]

We Loved Clifford So Much…We Went Back To See It Again! @ImagineItCMA

  That’s right ever since we went to the opening of the Clifford exhibit at Imagine It Children’s Museum my daughter has been BEGGING me to go back.  So we did!  I love going there, I’m such a big kid myself that even I have a ton of fun watching her play.  This time I’m going […]

Have yourself a “Staycation” in Atlanta and See a Hawks Game!

With gas a little under $4.00 now it’s surely not easy to plan a vacation out of town this spring break.  So what can you do except plan an awesome vacation right here in town!  The Atlanta Hawks have some great offers to help us parents save some cash and still have a great time.  […]