Our Zoo Atlanta Adventure!


Now that I have a daughter I get to take her to see fun things like the Zoo!  All week long I had been excited about going!  Finally the day came and we drove down to Zoo Atlanta!  Parking at the zoo is free which is awesome!  We went on Sunday morning and surprisingly it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be, it was great, no lines, we walked in in about 3 minutes! 

First thing I did when we went in was head to the gift shop.  My daughter had soaked her dress in chocolate milk on the way to the zoo and we had to grab a shirt for her to change into.  There was a huge selection of shirts, I had a hard time deciding which one I liked best so I just let her choose!  She ended up picking a super cute tiger shirt that reads “Ready for Adventure”  Zoo Atlanta!  The gift shop had a good variety of zoo things, and all at pretty affordable prices, the shirt we bought was only $12! 

After that we headed straight to the ARC building to see Little People LIVE!  That was a great time and so awesome it was FREE with zoo admission!  Check out my review HERE

After the show we were stoked to see the animals.  First we went to the petting zoo.  The first thing I noticed was a huge pig!  The zoo worker was leading it around with a piece of food, but I was surprised to see him there!  The we started petting the goats.  My daughter was not shy at all!  She went right up to them and pet them, although I was probably much more nervous then her all the animals were very calm.  They didn’t run or fight, they just hung out and let my daughter touch them no problem at all!  Eventually baby explorer decided she should pet each and every one at least once.  “Mommy this one…this one…this one”   I really enjoyed watching her pet all of them, afterwards Zoo Atlanta has the perfect set up small sinks so your little one can eaisley wash their hands! 

After the petting zoo we moved on and checked out the rest of the animals.  I really love that Zoo Atlanta has signs to where everything is, and it’s all written like you’re in the actual jungle.  It’s really neat!  The next thing we saw was the Panda Bear.  My daughter loved to see the bear, we spent a good 15 minutes watching the bear hang out and chill in it’s tree. 

After the Panda bear we moved onto the Kangaroo’s!  My daughter knew exactly what they were and shouted “Roos! ..Hop Roos!”  I’ve heard that Kangaroos can be dangerous, but they really looked so lovable.  When we saw them they were all cuddled together in the shade.  I was surprised to see how tall they actually were too, I thought they were much shorter.  Zoo Atlanta has a lot of interactive things along the way too, we found one of those pictures that you put your face in, the girls loved that!

We got about half way through the zoo and realized we were out of water, luckily there was a small concession stand with drinks and ice cream.  So the little ones had a little ice cream break, which kept them in a great mood.  I was glad to find that stand.

After their little break we moved on to see the tortoise.  That was one of my favorites because we were able to get so close to it.  We showed them their shells and how their arms, legs, tail, and head goes in and out of it.  They were completely wowed by them.  It really makes you think to that humans are not the only things on this planet and we should always be aware of animals environment by recycling and practicing green habits. 

We also saw a gorilla!  It made me think of King Kong and what it would be like to go on a jungle exhibition.  You don’t get to see a gorilla everyday ya know!  As I said there are all kinds of different things along the way that make the zoo really interactive, photo opps and such.  We had to jump on the gorilla statue and snap a quick Mommy-Baby picture!

The last stop was the elephants as our zoo trip neared the end.  They are truly amazing creatures.  Did you know they had hair on their tails?  I didn’t.  I learned at lot while at the zoo too!  Zoo Atlanta was definitley the best zoo I’ve been to so far.  It’s huge, there’s so much to see!  The little ones learned about some new animals and how each animal has a different habitat.  We saw otters, zebras, monkeys, pelicans, goats, gorillas, bears, elephants, and so much more!  I would definitley say we had an awesome trip.  My friend and I went with our 2 year olds and they lasted the whole time with no temper tantrums!  There’s so much to see and do they didn’t have time to get fussy, and on the way home they took a nice long nap!  Zoo Atlanta is wonderful for children and adults of all ages and not only is it a fun time but a learning experience! 

**Are you a member of a Georgia public library?  You can get a pass for free admission for a family of four!  Simply visit your local public library and ask for the Zoo Atlanta Family Pass.  Be sure to have your library card, you can check out the pass once per year! 

Disclosure:  Thank you Zoo Atlanta for providing me with tickets to visit and write this review!


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