Our Trip to the GA Aquarium!


Ahh the Georgia Aquarium.  A place where you can go to relax and humble yourself.  Humble yourself?  Yes, and by that I mean at the GA Aquarium you can see such an enormous variety of different species of life forms that it makes you realize that life doesn’t simply revolve around humans.  Life isn’t just about checking your twitter feed and telling Facebook what’s new with you, it’s so much deeper.  There is life all around us and amazing life, the Aquarium is a place for you to rediscover and learn about life in the water!

Quick Cool Facts:

  • The Georgia Aquarium didn’t actually open to the public until 2005, so it is fairly new.
  • This aquarium is the biggest aquarium in the WORLD.  That’s right, not just the U.S. but the world!  Right here in Georgia!
  • The GA Aquarium has more animals than ANY other Aquarium.
  • It holds more that 10 million gallons of water….Can you imagine!?!?

Their Mission:
“Georgia Aquarium provides an entertaining, engaging and educational experience inspiring stewardship in conservation, research and the appreciation for the animal world.”

From the moment you walk up to the Aquarium doors you are overcome with excitement!  There is a trail of dolphin tails on your way up to the doors, and as you get closer their are cool dolphin statues painted beautifully!  Once you walk in there’s usually only one thing that comes to mind, “wow!”  It’s enormous inside!  You almost don’t even know where to begin…only that you want to see it ALL!  There are several different “portals”  Cold Water Quest, Georgia Explorer, Ocean Voyager, River Scout, Tropical Diver.  I really love them all, but I’d say my favorite is Ocean Voyager.

Ocean Voyager is incredible!  You walk into a long hallway with a conveyor belt that you stand on and above your head is a tunnel of water, its like you are actually in the tank!!!  So what exactly do you see in this water that is surrounding you?  It’s crazy!  You see sharks, whales, so many different kinds of fish, sting rays, it’s so awesome.

This was above my head.

Inside the tunnel:

Once you move through the tunnel you walk in to a large room with a glass wall that is literally gigantic.  I’m talking this one wall alone is 23 feet tall by 61 feet wide and 2 feet thick acrylic.  Yea.  It’s like swimming with them.  It’s astounding.  There’s even seats for you to sit and stare for as long as you’d like.  Oh you can even see them getting fed, and I’m pretty sure I saw whales mating while I was there…which was interesting.  The picture below is of the wall, notice the tiny hand on the right hand side, gives you an idea of how huge this is!

The aquarium also makes a great background for pictures:

I also learned a lot of interesting things on my visit, this picture below, they look like little worms coming out of the ground, well these species actually lives in this hole for their entire life.  They’re born, dig a hole, and then never leave!  They live there for their whole life!  Isn’t that crazy!

One of my favorite things to look at are the jellyfish.  They are so weird and they just blow my mind!  Inside the GA Aquarium there is an entire room filled with jellyfish!  I could seriously watch these things for hours!  While we were there my little niece told us (and some strangers) about the story when my sister-in-law was stung by a Jellyfish in Hawaii and her cousin had to pee on her.  That was hilarious- even the complete strangers started laughing!

We saw so much that I didn’t even expect to see too, like Penguins.  You think aquarium and you think fish, well the Ga Aquarium has taken it a step further and gone to all species of the water.  Take a look at this- have you ever been this close to a penguin?

Isn’t that adorable, my sister-in-law (pictured) loves Penguins…she was thrilled to have gotten this close to them!  I seriously could go on and on about how amazing the GA Aquarium is…but it wouldn’t do it justice- you HAVE to see the worlds largest aquarium for yourself!  It’s certainly entertaining, you won’t be bored there’s too much to look at to ever get bored, in fact I’d say you really have to take a few trips back to be able to soak in all it’s glory.  It’s totally educational, at every exhibit there is either a well light sign explaining what is there or an actual staff member telling exactly what you are looking at.  It’s extremely and awesomely engaging, I love how much you truly do get to interact- from petting sharks to crawling around with penguins it really doesn’t get more fun!  The GA Aquarium is surely spot on with it’s mission and I would totally recommend for everyone to experience this 10 million gallon aquarium for themselves!


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