Our Trip To Imagine It! Children’s Museum of Atlanta and Clifford The Big Red Dog Opening Day Exhibit!


Saturday I was so excited to drive down to Imagine It!  The Children’s Museum of Atlanta.  This was our first visit to the museum but will certainly not be the last!  Imagine It! – is really the coolest place ever, where children up to about eight can play “smart.”  There’s every type of hands on learning you can imagine, featuring four learning zones plus a feature exhibit- Clifford The Big Red Dog!  With a mission to spark imagination and inspire discovery and learning for children through the power of play- I’d say The Children’s Museum of Atlanta is definitely a success that I plan on visiting many more times!

We knew as soon as we arrived this exhibit was going to be awesome.  There was big chalk paw prints as you walk in on a mini kid sized red carpet- too cute!  When we walked into the museum we were greeted by a Big Red Dog, it was Clifford!  My daughter was a little shy at first, but warmed up quickly.  She brought her “baby” Clifford over and showed it to big Clifford.  Then she found a large bone in the exhibit and HAD to bring it to Clifford.  That was so funny!

 Once she was done pow-wowing with Clifford we walked into the exhibit.  It was so neat!  There was everything from a huge Clifford that had a slide as his tail, a big dog house, a post office, kitchen, sand pit, oh..and the conveyor belt that she LOVED!  And that was just the Clifford exhibit, there’s still the entire museum!!

Inside the actual exhibit was huge and there was so much to do.  Here me and my daughter are standing in front of Clifford- his tail in the back was made into a slide, complete with little steps.  To the left is a little sand pit full of Moon Sand.  Moon Sand is awesome.  It’s just fun to sit there and feel it in your hands. 

Each little building in the exhibit was made to fit her size and each building had a mailbox.  The kids then interactively took mail out of the boxes and placed them in new ones.  Every building has something fun to explore inside.  Whether it was a place to draw, a place to read, a place to cook, and even a place to craw through.  For example; my daughter found a watering can in the “shed” and watered the play flowers.  It was really neat for me to see her figure out what to do on her own.

…and then there was the conveyor belt.  I was surprised she even figured out how to use this, but when she did…she was playing with it for a good 15 minutes straight until I talked her into trying something else out!! 

After we checked out the exhibit we decided to see what else the museum had in store for us.  We went onto the “forest” area where there was a huge pond with a tree leaf overhead and a little playground area with a bridge.  Everything was set up so adorably perfect.  Inside the pond there were tons of sea creatures with little magnet mouths and then along the edge there was little fishing rods.  Along the wall there were little Kidorable rain coats so that the children wouldn’t get their clothing wet.  Kidorable products are cute as can be to begin with…add a bunch of toddlers wearing them pretending to go fishing.  My daughter went nuts over this and really hasn’t stopped talking about it since!!!



Another one of our favorites was the paint wall, It’s always funner when you’re not painting on paper!  I had fun with it  too- and again for this station they had little painter aprons so the kids would get their clothes painted. 

There was a gigantic Food and Grocery section of the museum that she also had a lot of fun in.  It was like a huge mini grocery store.  The shelves were stocked with canned goods and the register had money in it.  Yes, even shopping carts too!  She just loved having her own size shopping cart.  I wish I could find some actual grocery stores that had that too!  We found everything from a banana peel slide to a truck you can climb into to a cow that you can really “milk.”  I thought this cow was hilarious!  I had to take a double look at first and then I noticed the utters, and then I thought, “OMG does this actually milk?”  – Tried it.  So funny, you can actually pretend to milk a cow, and it’s great because some kids really have no idea milk comes from cows! 

Those were just a few of our favorites at Imagine It.  There was also a little dress up station that had a castle background for you to even try and act out a piece from your favorite Disney movie.   Oh and I wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the garden area- where you can sew vegetables and take a look at the underground.  There’s a tunnel you can climb through, she must have gone through it 15 times…and me, I only made it through twice. 

There’s so much more to explore, I don’t even think we tried everything when we were there.  This is one place that I would really consider getting a membership to.  Even if you only go once a month you are saving money-and giving yourself something super fun to take the little one’s too.  If your child loves Clifford this is definitely a MUST SEE for them, in fact if you have a toddler IMAGINE IT is a place that have to go to at least once- believe me once you’ve taken them there once you’ll want to come back again and again!

For more information to memberships to Imagine It and general information please visit:  http://www.childrensmuseumatlanta.org/



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