Our Trip to Fernbank Mueseum of Natural History #Review

This was our first ever trip to Fernbank and it was definitely different than other museums we’ve been to.  Ferbank Museum prides itself on being a different type of museum and proclaim on taking your through a journey to another time and place!  You can explore cultural treasures, experience the IMAX Theatre, enjoy interactive displays and of course…learn something new!

As we approached the museum there were huge dinosaur statues on the front lawn in a fountain display…right away my kid was in awe!  We snapped a quick picture, threw in a penny and hurried inside to see what else was in store for us!

Once we had our tickets we went ahead and looked around.  Wow…that was my first thought.  This museum is huge, it reminds me of one of those paintings of Dahli with the stairs!  The museum is based in a sphere and each floor has different sights to offer.  Right away I took my daughter to the Nature Quest, I knew this would be her favorite part so we wasted no time walking up to the third floor.

As soon as we walked into the Nature Quest my daughter’s face lit up with excitement.  There was just so much stuff to do and see that she didn’t know where to start.  The “sea life’ portion of it was really neat.  The first thing we saw was a pole of barnicals and other sea creatures that were rubbery and all had their place on the pole, in the picture below you can see my daughter putting on the starfish in it’s right spot.

I also loved how the sea portion was painted and decorated with different colors and sea life species! There was even an adorable little ship area that had screens like you were driving a submarine watching the fish and sharks to by!

There was so much more to Nature Quest, a bridge to walk over and under with mist coming down as if you were walking into a real cave, the “tree-house” was the coolest, kids could literally go up inside the tree climbing on net!  I love how everything was displayed there, Fernbank made it easy to understand the what and why aspect for children.  Below you can see a display that you could walk on, an archeological dig filled with all the tools like it had just been dug out!

 This boat made out of a “tree” was so cool, because before we walked into Nature Quest we stepped inside another exhibit that had a real boat in a glass display that looked just like this one.  I was explaining to my daughter that this was made out of a tree and carved out into a boat.  Then she had a chance to actually get into one!

 Her favorite part was these little stepping stones.  Oh my gosh she went nuts over these fake stokes crossing the river, she said it was like Dora does it!  I watched her do this several times smiling from ear to ear like a baby explorer!

 After the Nature Quest we moved to check out the rest of the museum.  We found some really neat displays in the “sensing nature” hall.  Below you’ll see two picture of what looks like a giant circle.  This was the coolest, there was actually two half circles facing each other located on either end of the exhibit.  At first I was like what the heck is this!  Then I figured out that one person sits in one half and the other person sits in the other hall across the way.  So I stuck my 3 year old in one…and I ran down to the other and I told her to talk to me when I got there.  She did…and I could hear her as if I was right next to her coming from behind me.  That was the coolest thing!  Our voices were traveling across the room and I could hear them because of the way they were bouncing!

 Below I’m sitting in a circle and I took a picture of her sitting in one on the other end!

 Omg when I was in middle school these electric lightning bolt balls were the coolest thing.  My daughter wasn’t scared of it at all!  She just walked up and started touching it..which kind of freaked me out- but it is really neat!

Oh the tornado exhibit was awesome!  I didn’t have the easiest time explaining to my 3 year what this was…but she got the idea.  It would be neat to put like toy cars on the bottom to show it’s size in real life.

We took a tour in the “walk through time in Georgia” exhibit which was super neat there was a lot to look at including dinosaurs and different coastal layouts, etc.  Then we headed down to the bottom floor for the “scoop on poop” exhibit…which was weird to say the least.  But it was interesting, my daughter got to touch all sorts of animals fake poop (yuck) and she thought it was so funny!  There was a neat little game where the beetle is at the bottom of the hill and you have to roll the “poop” with your hands to make it up the hill and the first one up wins!

After we looked all around it was time for the IMAX where we saw “To the Artic” which was narrated by Meryl Streep!  I love her she did a great job narrating!  The movie was super interesting – IMAX is cool because you really can go on an adventure and it makes you feel like you are right next to these amazing polar bears!  We took a little walk through the gift shop and my daughter got a sparkling rock!  I was surprised to see a few things that were sold there like the Charley Harper nesting blocks which I’ve had for my daughter since she was younger and she still loves them!  If you plan on grabbing a gift this would be the one to get!  My daughter and I had a blast at the Fernbank Museum, it truly is one of a kind.  If you have a little one I would totally recommend bringing them to see the Nature Quest, they will love it!




  1. This looks like fun for kids. I never noticed all this when I went to this museum before I had kids 🙂

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