No, You are NOT a piggy bank!

First let me say I feel like an awful parent for this, but I’m hoping this will let me vent and maybe help some other parents.

My daughter has two piggy banks.  I (stupidly) let her put coins in to collect for when we go to yard sales.  She’s been adding coins to her piggy bank for a while.

Two days ago she was putting some coins in while I was standing right next to her and started choking.  I grabbed her, threw her over my knee, patted her back, and stuck my finger down her throat- trying to get her to puke up.

Didn’t happen.

I asked her, “Did a coin go in your belly?”  and she replied with a yes.  Now I’m in freak out mode.  I grabbed her medicine, and threw her in the car and took off to the hospital.  I drove like a maniac to the hospital, thinking that any time that at any time the coin is going to get lodged even more and she’s going to die.

Finally we got to the hospital, which luckily is only about 4 miles from my house.  I ran inside and told them what had happened.  They told me it happens all the time and they would call me back shortly for an x-ray.

Well, we waited…and waited…and finally got an x-ray done, and sure enough there’s a coin in her her belly.   Then they had us do another x-ray and it had gone into her intestine, so that meant she had to poop it out.

It was just horrible.  Obviously no matter how smart you think your kid is- or how many times they’ve done something before they can still always surprise you.  That was a big scare for me.  Now I’m going back to the basics and taking ANY small things away/ out of her reach.

After everything was done with, I asked her, “Why did you eat that coin?”  She said, “Mommy, I’m a piggy bank.”    ….NO.  You are NOT a piggy bank.  You do not EVER put anything in you mouth besides food!

So after that ordeal we still had to make sure the penny came out…the back side.  A day later, when she finally pooped I was so excited to go through it and make sure it was out of her.  Well, leave it to my daughter to make sure that doesn’t happen.  She wouldn’t poop in a bag over the potty so I just let her poop in the potty and I was going to go through it after she was done.  As I’m wiping her behind she reaches up and flushes the damn toilet.  WTF.

So now…I’ll be taking her back to the hospital for yet ANOTHER x-ray to make sure it came out!  Absolute awful/ make me crazy last couple of days.

Needless to say- her piggy banks are gone and she won’t be getting her hands on any coins for a LONG time.  I’ve learned my lesson, I believe she has too- I hope no one else has to go through this (although the hospital did say they see at least 4 kids A DAY that have swallowed something).  I’m thankful that I was right next to her when it happened, and that she didn’t choke, but all in all it’s my fault it happened and I will certainly be keeping a better eye on her.





  1. poor girl, what a scary for her and you.
    Hope it came out ok.

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