My two year old held an alligator…Can you say Kachunga?

Whaaat!  Are you crazy?!?!  You let your 2 year old hold an alligator?! 

Yes.  Yes I did!  When I was a kid I would go to the York Fair in Pa every September.  I always had a blast watching the shows and Kachunga & the Alligator was at the top of my list!  I was surprised to find Kachunga at the Cumming Fair this year. 

Kachunga is an awesome show that travels to shows and festivals from coast to coast.  The crowds are always 8-10 deep and the stands always fill up.  This is one show that if you want a front row seat you have to arrive early. 

From deep in the swamps of Florida comes Kachunga, a real American Bushman who dares to step foot into the wet domain of the alligator.  Watch as he thrills you by showing you the gnashing jaws and sharp teeth with his hands! 

I met Gill who really could make the crowd laugh.  He would make the gator move while the crowd child was sitting upon it.  He is truly entertaining to watch.  Kachunga will scare you, make you laugh out loud, and you’ll also walk away learning something new!

After the show the audience is offered to take a piece of the show home with them by taking a picture holding a baby alligator!  Let me tell you these “babies” aren’t so small.  I wanted to get a picture of my daughter and I both holding a gator…BUT I could not get my daughter to look up while she was holding the alligator.  You know, a gator in your hand is pretty distracting when taking a picture!  I did however manage to get one of her and I holding the albino alligator.


Kachunga …”makes Crocodile Dundee look like a wimp” this is a must see folks so check it out when your state fair comes to town!


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