Medieval Times New Show Will Keep You Cheering!

Wednesday night my family and I got all ready to see a Medieval tournament and enjoy dinner for the premier of their new show!  The Atlanta Medieval Times is located at Discovery Mills, and you really can’t miss it, the castle is huge!  Medieval Times is really the full experience, they have thought of everything and left nothing out!

When we arrived we were immediately greeted by lords and ladies who set us up with our table cards, told us which team we would be on and gave us our crowns!  This premiere event was awesome!  There was food tables everywhere, and different characters walking around to take pictures with and have a ‘medieval’ conversation with!  I got to meet the King of the North!  He was actually very pleasant, and played the role wonderfully.  It was pretty funny because all I could think about was the show “Game of Thrones” I love that show, and there is a “king of the north” in the show, so it was pretty cool!

Suddenly the royal courts-man came out and began calling in each team.  We were the Red and Yellow team, so we went in fairly quickly.  Once we took our seats we were greeted by our royal serf, which is the fancy name for our server.  They have us turn our cups a certain way for water, tea, or coke.  For dinner you are served tomato soup, a huge piece of chicken, ribs, garlic bread, a baked potato, and desert!  Remember, this is Medieval Times, so there is no silverware…what so ever.  No forks, knifes, nothing.  I LOVE watching everyone eat with their hands…but of course my daughter loves it.  (she’s probably used to eating with no silverware!)

Finally the show began and the crowd roared!  This new show was seriously awesome.  It’s is filled to the brim with sorcery, sword play, and medieval games.  The royal courts-man comes out to introduce the king, and queen, and then goes on to with the show:

My favorite thing about Medieval times is how the audiences goes crazy.  I mean everyone gets so into the show and their team it’s too cool.  My husband, daughter, and myself are no exception to this.  It’s like for these two hours of your day you get to pretend you are in a completely different era and you will just loose yourself in cheering and booing and excitement.  I figured some pictures would better explain this:

The knights of your team also come around with roses and give them to a lucky lady in the audience, my sister-in-law happened to be one of those lucky ladies!  It’s so funny, because before they throw the rose, they first kiss it!  So her being a teen…of course loved that!

Medieval Times is really the most fun time you could possibly have out for dinner!  I love how they have literally thought of everything.  And I mean everything.  There’s a Dungeon in the main lobby filled with torturing devices used in medieval days, and is EVEN guarded by a knight!  Everyone is fully clothed in medieval clothing, the bar wenches and serfs all refer to you as “my lady.”  The cups are awesome, and super extravagant.  The bathroom has even been fit for medieval times!  You and your family will have a blast and want to come back and again and again!

Torture chamber!

The Bar.

The bathroom sink…LOL

Grandma and Princess Jade

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  1. That looks like so much fun! I wish we could have attended, but it was just too far away for a week night. I will definitely be making the trip over there sometime soon, though!

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