Little People LIVE! – Event Review


Little People LIVE took the stage at Zoo Atlanta this past weekend and Wowed the audience with singing, dancing and much celebrating!  Your favorite Little People, Eddie, Sonya Lee, and Michael have been hustling and bustling getting ready for this year’s tour!  This year there are two different musical shows coming to a Zoo near you!  Choose to see the Animal Show or the Holiday Show or BOTH!  Each show is a perfect 30 minutes long and packed with singing, dancing, and even surprises!  You don’t want to miss Little People LIVE as they celebrate animals, holidays, and friendship with your little ones. 

The anticipation grew at an all time high as we entered the ARC building at Zoo Atlanta.  The audience was filled with eager toddlers and children of all ages waiting  their favorite Little People to take the stage.  The stage was set with a colorful background with three separate themes; the tropical forest, the amazon plains, and the Arctic Ocean.  Each scene had Fisher-Price Little People look alike animals. 

At 11:30 on the dot out came the tour guide and finally one by one the Little People; Sonya Lee, Eddie, and Micheal!  The audience roared and cheered as if their best friend had just arrived in person!  My daughter’s face made it totally worth going, she was amazed to see her Little People Live in person and not just playing with them.


We brought her Little People (we bring them everywhere!) and she held on to “Princess” Sonya Lee the entire time!  

The Little People LIVE show was awesome, they started out singing about animals and really engaged the audience.  Having the children stand up and clap their hands, jump, and sing along was great entertainment for me to watch my daughter.  She looked at me and said, “Mommy!  Look it’s People!” and smiled from ear to ear. 

The Little People also had the audience help match the food to the appropriate background, fish for the Arctic seal, banana for the monkey, and leaf for the giraffe.  It was educational as well as entertaining.  My daughter absolutely loved the show and we will definitley be attending the next that comes to town! 

After the show we got to see a sneak preview of the new Fisher Price Little People Set Zoo Talkers, which hasn’t come out yet.  My daughter of course LOVED it especially after learning so much about zoo animals!  Each animal makes their own unique sound and there’s even a slide!  I can’t wait for it to come out, we have so much fun playing with Little People!

The show is FREE with admission to the Zoo and there are numerous show times for each Zoo.  I would definitley not miss this show, it’s one that all kids love and short enough that parents love it too!  Here is a list of upcoming events:

Little People LIVE Animal Show

October 1-2 at Brookfield Zoo

October 22-23 at Philadelphia Zoo

Little People LIVE Holiday Show

November 12-13  at the Toledo Zoo

November 19-20 at Tampa Zoo
December 3-4 at San Diego Zoo
December 10-11 at Phoenix Zoo
December 18 at Adventure Aquarium


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