Lake Lanier Day Trip

One thing I do love about living right outside of Atlanta is Lake Lanier is so close. We are less then a half hour away from Lake Lanier and we love to visit, we go a few times each summer. It’s such a big lake that you really can explore and find different enterences and locations to set up for the day. We recently found a spot where you don’t even have to pay for parking! My daughter had such a great time this last visit.

...And she's off!

The entrence we found is really neat, you walk from one side and the water is low enough that you just walk across to a little island. It’s almost like you have you’re own little island to relax on for the day!  It’s also really beautiful, the water is glowing with little flakes of gold.  If you’ve never been to Lake Lanier you really have to go!  I’m honestly not really much a lake person, I’d choose the beach over the lake anyday but Lake Lanier is a gem in the ruff.   There are a few clay mucky spots but it’s mostly pretty sandy and comfortable. 

We went with my sister-in-law and her kids so all the kids got to play together, they dug for clams, went swimming,  and enjoyed some fun in the sun!


What I really love about this secret entrence we found is that the sandbar you walk across on is perfect for floating in while my little one plays.  We even brought some short folding chairs and plopped them right in the water to sit and chill.  So while the Mama’s were hanging out the “big kids” were making totem poles!  Everyone had a good time!   

Big Kids!

The ride home.

…plus it wears out the kiddies ; )

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