Hurry Free 60 Membership Through July 4th + Are you a Locavore?

It is that time again! BJ’s Wholesale Club is offering a Free 60-Day Trial Membership, which can only be activated until July 4th.  The trial membership includes full member benefits including savings and no surcharge.

A new group of shoppers and cooks are taking the ‘eat local’ and ‘locavore’ trend by storm in Georgia.  Local programs that provide fresh, organic food grown exclusively for local eaters are proving that the farm-to-table movement is occupying our Georgia communities.

Shoppers are now asking ‘has this tomato traveled a long way’? Cooking and eating local organic produce is a good choice as it minimizes your food’s carbon footprint, supports local business and allows you to bring fresher food to your kitchen. So how can you become a locavore?

BJ’s farm fresh expert talks about how closing the gap from farm to table benefits the environment, your health and Georgia’s economy:

  • Dig: Find out what restaurants in your area support local farmers – Farm-to-table eateries have recently popped up all over Georgia.
  • Join: BJ’s Wholesale Club now offers a locally-grown produce program called Farm to Club. The program makes it possible for shoppers to have fresh fruits and veggies that are practically grown in their own backyard. Fresh Plants, Inc. in Americus, Patrick Farms in Omega and Lewis Taylor Farms in Tifton are providing all Atlanta-area BJ’s locations with fresh corn, cucumbers, green peppers, yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant tomatoes and green beans.
  • Preserve:  Use local foods and try your hand at making applesauce, apple butter, jams, pickles or jellies.
  • Visit:  Plan a trip to a local farm.  Children who know where their food is coming from can feel a sense of connection to their dinner.

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