How To Create A Chalkboard Paint Room

So my husband and I finally moved into our new two bedroom apartment.  This is actually the first time my daughter has had her own room.  …Think back to when you were pregnant and “nesting” or when you first started decorating you first child’s room.  Yes, it’s a HUGE deal for me.  So I originally wanted to paint a mural or something outrageous.  Then I just decided to paint it pink, with a little twist.

Materials you’ll need: (everything can be found at The Home Depot or Lowes)

  • Chalkboard Paint – $10
  • Blue Painter’s tape- $3
  • Rollers and paintbrush- $10 set
  • Chalk and small chalk containers- $3
  • Framework (like you find around doorways)  – $0.37/foot

I’m not going to lie- the chalkboard paint was my husbands idea and I just loved it!  So I decided we’d paint the whole room pink first and then leave an area to make the drawing wall.  I thought it would be best if only the bottom half was chalkboard so her room wouldn’t look too dark or I wouldn’t be able to hang things on the top part.  So we started by painting everything pink and taped off what we we’re going to paint chalkboard:


Once that dried I took off all the painter’s tape and got ready to paint the chalkboard area:

We painted on the chalkboard paint:


The chalkboard paint was a little harder to paint than regular paint- it’s more runy and spats everywhere so be sure to lay a towel down before hand.  It dried super fast, within a hour my daughter was drawing on it.  Next we went ahead and just nailed in those plastic container on the wall so her chalk and erasers would always have their own place not on the carpet.  I want her to be creative not destructive!

Finally we added the framework, we measured the wall ahead of time and bought it at Hme Depot cut to size for $0.37 /foot .  I love the framework because it really separetes the drawing area from the actual wall with organiztion and class.  I will say that we bought Gorrilla Glue (for wood) and it didn’t work at all, we ended up just nailing it in.

Drum roll……. ………. ………. The finished room:

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