Get Ridiculously Cheap Travel Rates Using “Back Door” options. Learn More At WorldWanderlusting


I am always on the lookout for great travel deals, and I couldn’t help but get excited when I found It’s a blog run by a couple of brothers who’ve decided that many of the credit card travel rewards are just too darn good to pass up!  There’s even a way to apply for the cards and take advantage of the free travel without ruining your credit.  They write posts about how people can plan out entire vacations with benefits recieved from credit cards and other sneaky “back door” little travel tips. 

They recently did a travel photo contest on their Facebook page and then ran a series of posts about how to get the locations from the travel photos that were entered.  Not only are the pictures totally amazing, but it’s pretty incredible when you see that some frequent flyer miles and hotel points can chop the cost of a European vacation to under $1000!  Check out this link to their post about that.

They also do these interesting post series that feature “Eight Great” sites, ideas, or pictures.  There’s one on bridges around the world and one on travel foods, and so on.  Their whole objective is to inspire people to travel to places they never believed they’d be able to see- to infect people with a serious case of “wanderlust.”  I’m stoked about learning more on the subject.  We too would love to travel everywhere and these “back door” ways seem like the best way other than hiting the lottery!!


Be sure to check out WordWanderlusting on Facebook as you’ll never know where you’ll find them traveling to next- and of course get great tips to stack those credit card points!


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