Garden Lights Holiday Nights At Atlanta Botanical Garden + Giveaway

This year experience Atlanta’s fabulous Botanical Garden like never before!  It has been transformed into a twinkling winter wonderland filled with nearly 1 million lights.  Wow!

Garden Lights Holiday Nights is an amazing collection of lights all that are nature inspired!  This is right up my alley for sure.  Some of the scenes include a galaxy of stars in the woodlands, whimsical bees, butterflies, and even 200 show-stopping, color-changing topiary forms which are choreographed to holiday music! 

The Botanical Garden is filled with holiday favorites like a poinsettia tree, tillandsias, and hundreds of poinsettias.  You’ll not only experience the garden, but the lights as well.  Unlike most light shows that I have seen in the past, this show is an outdoor walking experience, so you won’t be jammed in a car, just be sure to dress appropriately.  Of course it wouldn’t be a holiday event without hot cocoa and egg nog, seasonal food and beverage will be available to keep you toasty and in the spirit! 

On your arrival guests are greeted by potted conifer wrapped in light, then passing through the Hardin Visitor Center and then moved on throught to the Southern Seasons Garden, where you’ll find dozens of stars dancing from the canopies!  You will then lead down pathways and fulleded through an allee of crape myrtle trees wrapped in teal, blue and soft white twinkling lights!  It sounds amazing!!

ALREADY IN LOVE:  I’m thrilled to see Garden Lights, Holiday Nights!  But I have to say I’m impressed with Atlanta Botanical Garden in their efforts to make this fun as well as GREEN.  By green I’m not just talking about the plants, I’m talking engery.  This will be the first light show to debut with energy efficient usages.  They are using nearly 1 million energy-efficient LED lights (light-emitting diodes).  These lights consume 80% LESS electricity than traditional incandescent lights and last much longer.   The Botanical Garden is also purchasing “green energy” from Georgia Power.  That is renewable energy produced by Georgia Power’s solar panals.

Garden Lights Holiday Nights begins November 19 – January 7.  Tickets cost $18.95/Adult and $12.95/Child (age 3-12, children under 3 are free)  Be sure to purchase your tickets ahead of time to avoid lines at



  1. I so much hope i won this giveaway. my sister is coming to town and i would love to take her there

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