Fun With Beads!

Back in the day, (which wasn’t too long ago) I used to make hemp necklaces all the time.  I was great at making unique and pretty hemp creations.  Well it’s been a few years since I sat down to make anything, so I pulled out my box of beads and hemp and right away my daughter came over with curiosity.  She wanted to help of course.  I tied off a piece of hemp and let her simply string beads on it.   Such a simple and easy craft that literally kept her busy for an hour while I made an ankle bracelet.

All you really need are some beads and string and just supervise them while they string them on!  Here’s the necklace my daughter made:

She was so proud of herself one she was done, “Look Mommy I made this for you!”  Too cute!  I just love that silly proud of herself smile.  While she was making her necklace I sat beside her making myself a cute new ankle bracelet.  I really wanted something that would accent my newly touched up foot tattoo.  I found some neutral colors and used the twist style hemp knots, and this is what I came up with:

I love it!  Of course now my Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-law want a few of their own.  I feel good that I got to take some time doing something I once loved to do all the time.  It really allows your creative energies to flow and clears your mind at the same time.  Making jewelry is such a relaxing activity, just make sure you have enough variety of beads to put together something awesome!  My little princess and I had a great time bonding while making jewelry together!



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