Explore ATL: Centennial Park


I’ve really only been living in Atlanta for under 3 years, so I haven’t done it all.  Until last week I had never been to Centennial Park.  I had heard about the fountains, but I’d never actually gone…until last week.  After our day at Imagine It I thought we’d walk over to check out the water.  We had to get some lunch anyway so we walked to the CNN center and grabed lunch then made our way over to the park.  I love that it’s right in the middle of everything.  It’s so easy to walk to and you can combine a simple trip to the muesum with a walk in the park and make a whole day out of it in Atlanta.

We walked around for at least two hours in the park.  We checked out all the water areas…and cleaned all the pennies out of my purse!  My daughter’s favorite part (and mine!) was the fountains.  When we saw them there was at least 30 other kids running around in the water.  And I had thought to myself, “we are not getting wet.”  I was wrong.

After we were done playing…she was completely soaked (because I knew I had another outfit in the car) and I was mildly soaked.  BUT, it was so so so much fun!  I had a blast running in and out of the water myself.  You know, it’s not always easy to find awesome FREE fun, but this is definitley Awesome, Free, and a ton of Fun!  Every one we talk to now she tells, “we saw the water, and my dress got all wet….”  There’s actually a ton of things to do at the park, and different events, and groups to get involved in.  If nothing more- go see the water!



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