Cool Contest At Costumes 4 Less + $5 Off Your Next Purchase + My Guest Post!

I’m a mom of a toddler, and I know how important dress-up play is.  Dress up is essential, it powers on your little one’s imagination and even grows their vocabulary!  Over the last year we’ve collected many many outfits and accessories to play dress up with, and my little girl has the time of her life pretending to be Rapunzel!  Here’s her latest extravagant outfit she’s come up with.

She’s got her Rapunzel dress, her pretend lizard on her shoulder, my sun key-chain (to her it resembles the sun from Tangled), and that blanket tied around her head…that’s her long long hair!

Does your toddler love to dress up too?  Well check it out: has this awesome contest going on and you will automatically get $5 off your next order JUST by entering the contest, while also being entered to win the grand prize of $50 Gift Card!   It’s the Easter Bunny Photo Contest!  Check out their Facebook page HERE for the details!  And don’t forget to check out my guest post on dress up playtime for toddlers!




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