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Leading the world in online news and information CNN’s world headquarters are right here in Atlanta, Georgia!  CNN’s global team consist of almost 4,000 news professionals and features the top news as it happens!  The Atlanta CNN Studio Tour offers a behind-the-scenes look at CNN and offers you a peek at the state of the art studios where top events are reported daily to over one billion people worldwide!  If you’re looking for some great things to do in Atlanta, this is surely one of them!

Tuesday Morning I headed down to Atlanta for a special CNN Tour for the Georgia bloggers.  I walked in to the CNN Building which I had been in plenty of times before, and although I’d been to the CNNBuilding I’ve never been behind the scenes.  I’ve always wondered what went on backstage on the many floors above and today I was going to find out!  The first part of the tour you get to head up to the big earth eight stories high!

Going up the tallest escalator in the world!

 An overlook of the escalator and globe:

The Globe. ...Yea I was inside that!

That’s right, the tallest escalator in the entire world right here in Atlanta and I got to ride it!  It was awesome!  I literally stood on it for like 2 minutes before I was in the big earth. 

The globe pictured above is symbolic in the Atlanta CNN building because this CNN building is the worlds headquarters for CNN. This 50 foot globe houses over 25 years of CNN’s footage on interactive kiosks!

Next we walked into Studio 7E this was a mini studio that showed the technology used when giving news and weather. We saw the tv screen they used this is essentially like a huge ipad. It’s awesome. All this time when I watched the weather I knew the weather person stood in front of a green screen… I was wrong. On CNN the weather person stands in front of this huge touchscreen tv and gives you the weather. Now the anchor person on the other hand reads everything from a camera that is controlled by this little gadget pictured on the right. The person controlling it has the ability to speed it up or slow it down accordingly to the anchor’s speech. 


The next thing we did was the coolest, we saw an overlook at the CNN Newsroom in action.  These are where the stories come from, the writers are contacting vips, events, etc.  What was really neat was that each desk station setup had three very larger computer screens, obviously making much easier to get work done.  When I’m doing something on the computer I always have a ton of tabs open and I’m usually splitting an already small screen trying to complete my tasks.  I saw those 3 screen setups and instantly wanted to work there!  It was very cool to seen a birds eye view of CNN’s employees working in action!

A birds eye view of the CNN Newsroom


We also got to see a live screening in action go live on the air.  That was very neat because the state of the art studio was empty except for the anchorman.  The $300,000 a piece cameras shoot him perfectly and seconds later I saw it LIVE on tv.  CNN also has a lot of other networks such as HLN, and we learned a little bit about thos networks. 


Overall the CNN Tour was very interesting.  I would recommend it for high school aged students to adults of any age.  The tour is something you’ve always wondered about what goes on backstage, and now you can get a glimpse into what it takes to make an amazing network.  I enjoyed learning about CNN and as an Atlantian I have to say I’m proud that the headquarters are here and I took the time to see it!  If you are a local Atlantain this is a must see, this is CNN’s World Headquarters, people around the world would love to check this out and we are at an advantage because it’s right in our backyard!

Disclosure:  I received free admission in order to facilitate this review.

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