Saddleback Supports JDRF!

Saddleback stands up in the fight against type 1 diabetes!  Saddleback makes excessively high quality, tough and functional leather designs.  Their designs are classic and stunning!  As most know my 3 year old daughter has Type 1 diabetes, every day for her is a fight to stay in the goal blood sugar range.  It’s so hard for […]

#Win tickets to “The Tortoise, The Hare, and Other Aesop’s Fables” @CtrPuppetryArts

Yes!  A brilliant new show is coming to The Center For Puppetry Arts!  The long-loved Tortoise and the Hare!  The tortoise and the Hare used to be one of my absolute favorite short stories as a kid!  And after seeing The Pirate Little Mermaid I’m totally excited to see what else @CtrpuppetryArts has in store […]

Save Up To 80% Off At Tadpoles Big Sale This Weekend!

The big sale starts tomorrow in Kennesaw!  Tadpoles is an awesome children and maternity resale boutique that really carries gently used name brand clothing, accessories, and even furniture for a fraction of the retail price!  You will find everything from baby, kids, junior, maternity, baby swings, cribs, toys, you name it- they’ve got it!  You […]

What Will You Do If Caregiving Is Needed For a Loved One?

I was talking to my Dad on the phone the other day, and he was saying something about how my job as a mother is to take care of my daughter and one day she will do the same thing back for me.  He then went on to say how he raised me and one […]

Can you be ‘too young’ to consider Life Insurance?

Is there even such a thing as being too young to consider life insurance?  No…I don’t believe so.  As much as we tend to think that we will live forever, we’re not going to.  And, as sad as it is, crazy freak accidents happen everyday.  That’s why I always say- Be Prepared!  There’s many reasons […]

Wordless Wednesday (6/6)

I recently had my foot tattoo touched up and my daughter said she wanted one too- So I gave her a matching temp tat!    

Fun With Beads!

Back in the day, (which wasn’t too long ago) I used to make hemp necklaces all the time.  I was great at making unique and pretty hemp creations.  Well it’s been a few years since I sat down to make anything, so I pulled out my box of beads and hemp and right away my […]

Get Ridiculously Cheap Travel Rates Using “Back Door” options. Learn More At WorldWanderlusting

  I am always on the lookout for great travel deals, and I couldn’t help but get excited when I found It’s a blog run by a couple of brothers who’ve decided that many of the credit card travel rewards are just too darn good to pass up!  There’s even a way to apply […]

Wordless Wednesday (11/2)

When I was a kid…the best thing about Fall was raking the leaves in a big pile and jumping into it.  Now I get to do it for my daughter!   

Wordless Wednesday (7/27)

    That’s right, out of all the toys she has, when she sees a cardboard box…it’s go time ; )