Save Cash on Your Phone and Cable Bill

  How long have you been with your cable or phone company?  Even if it’s only been a couple of months- isn’t it time for you to save some money?  I’ve done this several times with different companies, and I’ve told people about my experiences and most can’t believe that they companies will pay to […]

No, You are NOT a piggy bank!

First let me say I feel like an awful parent for this, but I’m hoping this will let me vent and maybe help some other parents. My daughter has two piggy banks.  I (stupidly) let her put coins in to collect for when we go to yard sales.  She’s been adding coins to her piggy […]

Wordless Wednesday (4/18)

Yes the stroller is truly good for everything…even carrying a cooler…and beach chairs…and sand toys, towels, shoes…and a change of clothes.  

We Took a Trip to the Atlanta Castle @MedievalTimes

Last night my family and I headed out to Discover Mills for an evening of Medieval brawling and a feast fit for a king! We pulled into the parking lot to see a marvelous over-sized Atlanta Castle!  It had two tall towers on either side and a rustic drawbridge in the center.  The entrance is […]

Wordless Wednesday (3/14)

One of the absolute best things about having a toddler is that I get to play with LEGOS all day long ; )  Here’s our newest creation- the tallest tower ever!

Wordless Wednesday (2/29)

While I may get bashed for posting this… I just had to.  After my daughter got out of the bath I dryed her and lotioned her and told her to go in her room and get her PJ’s.  Once I noticed she was taking a while I walked in and this is what I found […]

Update: Being a Mom of a Toddler with Type 1 Diabetes

It’s been a month since my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  So far…it’s been rough.  My daily routine consists of  us getting up and immediately pricking to check blood sugar level.  Then we’ll eat.  Then she’ll get her insulin and then we’ll repeat for every meal.  I’ve never experienced a more overwhelming situation.  In Short:  To […]

Wordless Wednesday (2/8)

Sunday we went to my Mother-In-Law’s Superbowl party and there happened to be another little girl there close to my daughter’s age.  My daughter doesn’t go to daycare- she stays home with me all day, so she really doesn’t get to play with a lot of kids her age.  She met her new “friend” and […]

Why Do I Blog?

Today I opened up an email from Mom Bloggers Club entitling “Why Do You Blog?”  I read the post and it basically says to ask yourself why you blog, what you want out of blogging, and why you do what you do.  The post Jennifer James wrote reached me and made me ask myself, “Why […]

How To Create A Chalkboard Paint Room

So my husband and I finally moved into our new two bedroom apartment.  This is actually the first time my daughter has had her own room.  …Think back to when you were pregnant and “nesting” or when you first started decorating you first child’s room.  Yes, it’s a HUGE deal for me.  So I originally wanted […]