Carolina Beach

We recently took a trip to Carolina Beach.  This was our first official beach trip of the summer and my daughter’s first time in the ocean!  It was a short stay, but we enjoyed every minute of it!  I’ll start out by saying that this was our first time at Carolina Beach in North Carolina,  it’s […]

The “Built-In Beach Pack N Play”

  Have you been thinking about taking your child to the beach and thinking you may want to bring your Pack N Play?  Don’t worry because I have found the best FREE Pack n Play there is!  Ok, I’m joking a little.  On our last trip to the beach we found where we were sitting and […]

Beach Trip with Toddler Checklist!

Packing for a toddler is tough work, then add in packing for your husband and yourself… you can be worn out quickly!  I have a little system I try and do to make things a bit easier.  First I’ll make sure everything in the house is clean.   I think it’s much easier to pack and you forget […]

Hello world!

Ok, WordPress..I guess I’ll let you decide the title of my first post here at Mommy Explorer!  Hello World!  I am Mommy Explorer…I travel quite often, and usually don’t live in one place for more than a year.  I’m a huge outdoors buff and a bit of a hippie mama.  My family is my husband, […]