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We recently took a trip to Carolina Beach.  This was our first official beach trip of the summer and my daughter’s first time in the ocean!  It was a short stay, but we enjoyed every minute of it!  I’ll start out by saying that this was our first time at Carolina Beach in North Carolina,  it’s probably the smallest resort beach I’ve ever been too, but it certainly was family oriented.

We stayed in Willmington at the Marriot Townhomes hotel while my Mother-In-Law stayed at the Marriot Courtyard right on the beach.  Whenever you stay at the beach it’s always eaisest to find a hotel that is right on the beach, that way you can walk your sandy toys and self right back up to your room and get cleaned up.  But, the Marriot Townhomes that we stayed in was about $100 cheaper/night and the rooms were a lot nicer.  So when you plan yourself a trip you just have to weigh out the pros and cons and decide what’s best for your family.

Aww Princess and Daddy in the pool at the Marriot!

The beach was beautiful both days we went.  The first day we had a bit of a late start but none the less fun!  My daughter was shy about walking into the ocean at first, but instead of forcing her to go in I let her take her time and then she did come around to love it!  The beach in general  is by far my favorite place in the world to be.  I just love going to the beach, there’s no bussle, just relaxation and quality family time.  Carolina Beach was specifically nice because it wasn’t busy at all, you have your own space and it’s easier to keep an eye on your child.

Her and I particularly enjoyed digging in the sand.  We dug an enormous hole (or as I like to call it- “the built in pack n play!”) “buried” her, built a castle, dug a moat,  what more could I ask for!

Our moat!

Princess and I

After our beach excursion we went out to eat and took a stroll on the Carolina Beach Boardwalk.  It wasn’t the type of boardwalk I’m used to, it was about 3 street blocks long…on cement, BUT it was a still a good time.  There was a little carnival area, my daughter got on the merry-go-round, and the train.  I would have rode the ring of fire but my niece chickened out…after we were already sitting on the ride!!  That was embarrassing for her- but hilarious for me!  We ate some good pizza and even had a snow cone ; )

Grandma showing Princess the "Merry Go Round"

She LOVED this train ride! Choo Choo!

All in all we had a wonderful family escape.  Carolina Beach is wonderful location in you live nearby and need a weekend getaway or if you’re just passing through.  I would totally recommend stopping by if you are in the area!


  1. Hey Candice,
    When my wife and i use to visit the beach here i also stayed at the Marriott on the ocean, i would fly in from Vegas drop my bag go see my Dad in Wilmington and then hit the beach. We finally got tired of renting and bought a condo here at Kure and now i live here and work here, i just love it, I should have moved to the beach decades ago. Like you said its family friendly! Nothing like making memories at the beach.

    Remember everyday is a good day at the beach,

    Chris Oliver

    Century 21 Sweyer

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