Can you be ‘too young’ to consider Life Insurance?

Is there even such a thing as being too young to consider life insurance?  No…I don’t believe so.  As much as we tend to think that we will live forever, we’re not going to.  And, as sad as it is, crazy freak accidents happen everyday.  That’s why I always say- Be Prepared!  There’s many reasons why everyone should have Life Insurance, but here are a few of the more common reasons:

1.  You may have a mortgage that will need payed off.

2.  Your child’s education has always been important to you, what would happen if you weren’t there to put them through college?  Life insurance is one way you can be sure your child is taken care of if you aren’t there!

3.  Maybe you started family business that you want to live on through many generations!

4.  How about enjoying some retirement benefits before you actually retire!  Yes!  You can do that too!

5.  You’re family may require a two-income household, this is possible with life insurance no matter what!

There are many different types of life insurance, there is literally something to fit every need and every situation.  Myself for example, I would need life insurance for two main reasons, to pay for my daughters college education and funeral expenses, a total of 75,000.  A plan like this would cost me about $8 a month!  Totally affordable.

Just talking about this has made me understand deeper why it’s so extremely important.  I would never want to leave this world without knowing that my daughter was taken care of and had funds to attend college.  Not only that, but funeral costs are through the roof, and my husband would be responsible for it, therefore taking money away from my family to pay for a funeral. I would never ever want that to happen.

I’m sure moms everywhere can relate with me on this.  Maybe you have considered life insurance before, and thought ‘now isn’t the right time,’  Well let me just say now couldn’t be a better time!!  I hope you think consider points made here and possibly get your self on a plan immediately.


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