Beach Trip with Toddler Checklist!

Packing for a toddler is tough work, then add in packing for your husband and yourself… you can be worn out quickly!  I have a little system I try and do to make things a bit easier.  First I’ll make sure everything in the house is clean.   I think it’s much easier to pack and you forget less if things if everything is easy to find!    I decided maybe a checklist would make it even easier.   So here’s my checklist, please note I’m not adding the obvious such as clothes.

Beach Checklist:

Sunscreen — I recommend having the facial stick as well as the spray on bottle for the fastest easiest application (we all know how squirmy toddlers are especially when they’re excited to play at the beach)

Toys— Can’t forget these!  (grab car-seat toys, sand toys, water floats toys and beware you won’t need as many as you think!)

Music— You can’t have a roadtrip without music, plus the beach is even better with a radio!

SnacksEverything  is more expensive at resorts so head to grocery store before hand and grab those sandwich fixings, fruit, and individually wrapped snacks!

Hats and Sunglasses— Save those precious faces and eyes!

Cooler—  Have it ready to go the night before!

Lotion—  The saltwater will dry out skin within one day so be sure to use some lotion at night!

Towels and Chairs— Yes, you can rent chairs at the beach…but be prepared to pay a pretty penny per day for them!

 Pillows, Blankets, Stuffed animal— Hotel pillows can be too soft, there’s NEVER enough blankets for my husband and I to share and your toddler will appreciate you bringing their favorite animal to cuddle while away from home ; )

Camera— Capture those memories!  (bring extra batteries!)

 Cell phone chargers—  We forget ours just about every time!

Wipes—  Antibacterial or baby wipes… so come in handy on the beach

First aid kit—  Even if it’s just a little boo boo toddlers feel better when there is a band-aid on it

 Magazine/books— You might actually get a second to sit down and relax so have a magazine on hand

Personal hygiene items—  deodorant, face wash, tampons, diapers, razors, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.  (nothing is worse then having hairy armpits on the beach)

Back up plan—  emergency cash, credit card, id, insurence cards, emergency numbers, ect

Coupons— most cases if you do some research before hand you’ll find coupons for hotels, resturants, theme parks, ect

Waterproof bag—  my daughters cloth diaper wetbag was perfect to carry the important things in down to the beach free from sand and water

Swimsuits— of course!  I bring 3 for each of us while packing and and extra for the toddler down to the beach in case she has an accident.

Beach Bag— a nice big, preferably mesh as to not bring the sand home with you, beach bag!

Ok…What did I miss?  Let me know if you think of something I missed and go ahead and print this for your next excoursion!


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