6 Summertime Grilling Tips and @Applegatefarms Juicy Delicious Hotdogs!


Summertime is filled with heat, swimming, and barbeque’s.  So when it comes to food, and especially meat, I don’t just “like” to know what my family is eating, I have to know what they are eating.  By that I mean, is this food organically grown, is there hormones involved?  …and if I can’t answer those questions…it’s simply not being ingested by my family or I.

Now that Applegate’s delicious hotdogs arrived in the Atlanta area I know I can stop at my neighborhood Kroger and pick these up for any grilling day at the pool!  It’s really sad to think that eighty percent of antibiotics sold in the U.S. are used in animal agriculture!  Yuck, it’s unnatural that these antibiotics are used for non-therapeutic purposes, such as promoting quicker animal growth as well as compensating for the effects of unsanitary and overcrowded conditions. Applegate Farms never use antibiotics, hormones or artificial growth products.  Their meats are made with natural and organic ingredients as well as conditions only.  Applegate’s farming practices are among the highest integrity and treat their animals and land with respect that mother nature intended!

With that being said, why choose anything else for your hotdogs than the brand you know and trust:  Applegate Farms!  But wait now that you’ve found your chosen hot dog- you’ll need some great summertime grilling tips to go along with those!

Clean that grill before throwing on these bad boys!

1.  Clean your work space-  No one can work in a dirty office, the same goes for grilling.  The hard bristle brushes are the best, it only takes a few good scrapes before that grill is cleaned up and ready to go!

2.  Choose your meats-  When shopping for meats I always read the labels, if it’s hamburger meat I won’t buy anything under 90-10.  If it’s hotdogs I’ll do my research and be sure the farm isn’t using hormones, antibiotics, or nitrates.

3.  Pick your sides-  You’ve got your meats ready to go, now what about your sides!?  My top favorites:  grilled corn on the cob, macaroni salad, fruit salad, squash, re fried beans, grilled blooming onion, garlic broccoli, and of course french fries!

4.  Cook ’em just right- How do you like your hot dogs cooked?  I know my daughter won’t eat them if they have burnt marks on them…and my husband is just the opposite..he loves them crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside and I like them best cooked slightly burnt.

5. All about the condiments-  Some like ketchup only, but some like a little of everything…like my hubby, He’ll add ketchup, mustard, pickles, and lemon pepper to his bun and dog!  I for one love chilli and cheese loaded on my dog!

My hubby...the king of condiments...He LOVES his dogs this way!

6.  Timing- Grilling and cooking in general is all about timing when it comes to an even plate.  Always make sure you’ve got the grill ready before cooking the sides because you don’t want them getting cold before the meats are finished!

Remember those 6 important steps and you will be all set for poolside grilling this summer!  Be sure to “like” Applegate Farms on Facebook to stay current with the latest news!

Also check out my Pinterest board “Summer Grilling Fun“…And if you can get a little side spread of every hotdog compatible condiment then- I’m pretty sure you’ll be awarded big props, but be sure to invite me!

“I wrote this post as apart of SocialMoms campaign.  All opinions expressed here are my own, the hotdogs were purchased and ate by me and my family and we’ll contiune to support Applegate Farms naturally delicious products!”


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